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How to make Shell Scheme Octanorm Stall Attractive ?

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  • Exhibition Stall Design
  • Exhibition Stall Design
  • Exhibition Stall Design
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There are a lot of  companies who wonder ways  to make their octanorm stall attractive and at the end they go ahead with simple solutions that make their stall look clumsy. Their initial objective of participation is hampered due to budget restrictions and end up going for stalls provided by the . Companies believe going for professional company will affect their budget and hence submit to available solution which at the end doesn’t connect to their objective of participation.

Remember your most important objective could be sales, brand awareness or networking, however don’t get your imagination low due to budget constraint. There are various options available in the market that can fit in your budget and for little stretch in budget you can offer professional looking stall and offer experience to target audience.

There are a lot of our client’s who comes with minuscule budget however we offer them solutions that custom to their stall keeping in mind maximum visibility, re-usability  in multiple exhibition, collateral support & most important solutions that are highly effective. You can either visit us at www.tejaswi.co or mail us at mail@tejaswi.biz in order to get real tips to maximize your ROI.

Some tips to consider for Shell Scheme Stalls are

1. Ensure optimized space management of the stall considering placement of various materials in the stall, Product Displays, Branding Panels, Brochures, AV Equipments etc.

2. If you are looking for simpler solutions can go for Banner Stand panels for easy setup. However Banner Stands comes in various options, prints etc and selecting one that suits your requirement is most important. We suggest to use Banner Stands based on usability and budget as


3. For smaller stall can always for framing of walls, however ensure your artworks are powerful.

4. If you are looking for reusable options for hanger banner stand that you can reuse multiple time. However ensure you get in right print quality and get it from right source too.

To understand hanger usage visit http://www.exhibitionstalldesigner.co/display/banner-stands/banner-hanger-stand/

5. Either you can create a custom display stand for your stalls or ready made available stalls

6. Brochure Stand to distribute brochure and again a reusable option.

7. Can use standard counters provided by organizer, but don’t just use them plain, get your logo printed on desired material and get it pasted. Also there are portable counters available that you can use and take it to other exhibitions too.

8. AV equipments like Plasma is an option you can get on rental, use it only if must as not many people are going to see it in-case of smaller stall. However if there is some demonstration to be offered can always opt for one.

9. If you can Stretch your budget considering multiple exhibitions you can always go for Pop up Systems available in various forms and again easily set in limited time. Benefit is great graphic effect to pull crowd.

10. There are also modular kits available in the market that are customized to fit your requirement and offers great outlook too. You can always opt for modular kits if required.

There are various options available in the market but most important part is getting a right source. Remember exhibition systems are available in various budgets and qualities in the market and what seems like getting a better price option from one supplier can be not durable system too.

Before you decide on option I suggest you talk to us and I am sure we will be able to give utmost solution and design to meet your requirement.

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